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Global Skin Solutions Jessner Chemical Peel

Global Skin Solutions Jessner Chemical Exfoliation Training

To lower liability exposure, it is required that providers seek professional training prior to administering our Jessner solution to your clients, especially on Skin Types III-VI due the high incident of post-inflammatory pigmentation and scarring.
The most efficacious therapeutic intervention is to understand the various peeling agents and the indication for use.
The practical tips given are to reduce risk and enhance results.
In order for you to purchase our Jessner solution as a professional, you must first be trained in the use of our exfoliant.

Why Request Training

As a skincare line that was originally concepted to provide professionals and consumers with corrective products for darker skin tones, we at Global Skin Solutions take our products and knowledge of multi-ethnic skin tones seriously.
Because we wish for you as a provider to have the knowledge required to perform chemical exfoliation on Fitzpatricks III-IV safely, and with the best results possible, it is essential that you be certified in utilizing our specially formulated Jessner.
This will give you the confidence needed to perform treatments on multi-ethnic skins, and also ease your clients, and gain new clientele – as you hold specific knowledge in the treatment of their skin tone.

Multi-Ethnic Skin Peels

Statistics show there is a high demand for peeling services for Multi Ethnic patients but caution providers to update their knowledge when treating this skin type.
These skins are more susceptible to complications after a chemical peel procedure.
The high inflammation response seen in Caucasian skins reacts the same in skin of color but leads to postinflammatory dyschromias and potential scarring if not properly prepped.

Our Jessner

The Jessner is a therapeutic agent that helps to minimize excessive keratinized layers of the stratum corneum prevalent in darker skin types.
Formulated with 14% salicylic, 14% lactic acid and 14% resorcinol, this solution is considered one of the most effective agents designed for smoothing and addressing the textural pigmentary changes in Skin Types III-IV.
It also helps to control acne vulgaris due to its antimicrobial properties while removing lipid buildup that afflicts oily skin.
When the excessive lipid buildup is removed, sebaceous follicle debris is easily extracted and beneficial product ingredients are allowed to penetrate the epidermal layers of the skin.
Professional traning in its use is required.

Our Modified Jessner

The Modified Jessner, also part of the Jessner family, is a non-resorcinol formula with the same equal percentages (14%) of ingredients except the resorcinol is replaced with citric acid.
Replacing the resorcinol with citric acid penetration of the product is greatly diminished.
This solution works best on sensitive III-VI skin types.
Our Modified Jessner formulation is available to purchase for professional use only, and does not require certification.

Request Training
Please fill out the training request form, once we receive the request we will contact you for final details. Training is available to both solo practioners and groups.

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Global Skin Solutions is recognized as a continuing education provider for :

♦ CA Board of Registered Nursing: CE License #16306
♦ GA Board of Cosmetology Practitioners and Instructors
♦ FL Board of Cosmetology Practitioners and Instructors
♦ NC Board of Cosmetology Practitioners and Instructors

  • Jessner Peel Certification

    Global Skin Solutions Jessner Chemical Exfoliation Training

    Remember to request training in the use of our Jessner Peel.
    The Jessner Peel cannot be purchased without certification in its use.
    Jessner Peel Training