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Global Skin Solutions Education Webinars

Our webinars bring to you, the skincare, and medical professional advanced learning techniques in treating all skin colors, with careful, experienced, additional knowledge in performing procedures on skin of color.
Skin of color that lies within the Fitzpatrick scale of 3 to 6 is oftentimes viewed with a measure of uneasiness, inexperience, and even many times with too heavy of a hand. You may have heard colleaques say, “skin is skin”, this is not so. Whether the client is a Fitzpatrick 1 or 6 skin must be viewed individually, while also taking into account the different physiologies of lighter, darker, hormonal, and yes, even male skin vs. female.
Our webinars will assist you in growing your business and clientele while also providing a reference “library” for you, as a skincare professional to look towards to advance your confidence by gaining knowledge in the various differences and similarities of all skin tones.
You may print out notes, download PDF’s and in many cases receive a certificate upon completion of specialized webinars.

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webinar_icon8 Tips on Attracting A Committed Clientele
How to develop effective consultations and skin analysis techniques to successfully connect with clients, create corrective treatment programs, product choices and documentation of progress.

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webinar_iconSkin Analysis of Global Skin Tones 3-6
Understanding the structural differences of global skin tones, Fitzpatricks scale 3-6.
Types of melanin and problematic conditions, the Lancer scale, the skin analysis, preparation of a treatment plan.

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webinar_iconMelasma: Proper Treatment for Hispanic Skin
What are the top 10 skin disorders in hispanics, clinical presentation, Epidermal vs. Dermal
Hyperpigmentation, Melasma Therapies and Treatment Modalities for Melasma

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webinar_iconChemical Exfoliation for Global Skin Tones 3-6
Skin structural differences to be aware of, common conditions of asians, hispanics and african-american skin tones, types of chemical exfoliants to use, how to prep the skin for exfoliation.

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