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Hyperpigmentation 101 – Global Skin Solutions Difference

Hyperpigmentation is one of the most common complaints especially in patients with darker skin.  These patients have ancestral roots in Africa, Asia, South Asia, the Middle East, Mexico, Latin and Spanish countries.  Darker skin types are characterized by a higher content of melanin.  The upside of this is the pigment concentration is protecting the skin against ultraviolet (UV) radiations.  The down side – darker skin is more vulnerable to post inflammatory hyperpigmentation.  This skin condition is a challenge to manage.  It often takes months to see results.

This presentation will address the different pigmentary lesions and focus on identifying the underlying factors.  Learning how layering active ingredients will prove to be most effective.

There are many strategies such as chemical peels, microdermabrasion, light sources and laser therapy to considered.  Our goal is to address each individually in future blogs as to reduce the use of harmful treatment modalities.

It is important to educate the importance of sunscreen compliance.  This will greatly reduce the darkening or recurrence of this disorder.

Resource:  Treatment of Hyperpigmentation in Darker Skin
Author:       Savas Yavli