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Faces of Diversity | Skin Conditions Part 1

In Part 1 of this video presentation we will go over what defines a skin condition as well as common skin conditions that are presented in multi-ethnic skin tones. It needs to be said that certain skin conditions should be referred to a dermatologist, we will touch on those and advise through images letting you…

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Why Choose a High Weight Hyaluronic Acid

Did you know almost 50% of the hyaluronic found in the body is in skin? Though hyaluronic acid occurs naturally in our body, the highest level is found in our skin. A natural moisturizer, skin that is plump and firm hyaluronic acid is found in abundance within in the extracellular matrix and the dermal collagen…

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FALL – A Time For Shedding!

Have you noticed the signs of when a season is gone and a new one has begun?  Looking out your window you’ll see changes that signals a new season is beginning.  For fall, Mother Nature brings the brilliance of colorful leaves to let you know that summer is over. This majestic scenery only lasts for…

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Mamie Collins, Aesthetician | Testimonial

Global Skin Solutions PRO Testimonial

  If you have yet to read our article “As Seen On The Voice”, we would like to introduce you to, and also thank Ms. Mamie Collins, licensed aesthetician.. for taking the time out of her busy day to film for us, and for you too, a wonderful testimonial about the Global Skin Solutions product…

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Repairing the Acid Mantle

Repairing the acid mantle is essential to the road to correction. Before applying chemical exfoliating solutions, the skin’s acid mantle or protective layer should be intact. The protective layer of our skin is the “guard dog” preventing the bacteria, pollution, toxins and germs from entering into the skin. How do you know if the acid…

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Podcast | iHeart Radio, Skin Consultation

Podcast | Skin Consultation

Professional Skin Consultation Podcast Interview with Pamela Springer this professional skin consultation podcast aired 8/23/201 IHeart Radio/Ask The Beauty Advisor. Learn about proper product choices, to find out what your skin really needs to repair the cause of problematic skin, including, but not limited to the aging process. Discover the differences between over the counter…

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What Is Global Skin Training ?

Global Skin Solutions Class

There are many studies exploring the challenges the industry faces due to a lack of diversity training. With the demographics rapidly changing there is a huge gap in the basic aesthetics education received versus what is seen in the “real world.” Melanin rich skins, whether Hispanic, Asian, Mediterranean, Greek, Middle Eastern, Indian, African American, etc.,…

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Ingrown Hair/Razor Bump Product Review

Ingrown Hair/Razor Bump Product Review   Global Skin Solutions received a fabulous review of our ingrown hair and razor bump products, so wonderful we had to post a video about it ! You can read the review by our customer Lonnie Leslie in our client testimonial area. If you would like to leave us a…

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