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Skin Condition Definitions III | Acne

Hispanic, Ethnic Acne Global Skin Solutions

ACNE VULGARIS Hispanic – the most common skin disorder in Latino and the second most common in the Asian population. Primary Cause: Hormonal, genetics, increased sebum production due to sebaceous size in skin of color, lack of moisture content Secondary Cause: Papules, pustules, nodules and cysts (nodules and cysts heal with Enzyand closes) Papules the…

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Skin Condition Definition IV | PIH

POST INFLAMMATORY HYPERPIGMENTATION Darker Skins Hyperpigmentation has multiple causes and may be focal or diffuse. Most cases are due to an increase in melanin production and deposition. Focal hyperpigmentation: Post inflammatory generally caused after an injury, burns, inflammation (e.g. Acne). Can also result from lentigines, melasma or café-au-lait (birth mark) macule. Manifestation of hyperpigmented lesions…

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Acne and Rosacea in Ethnic Skin

Ethnic Skin Acne and Rosacea | Global Skin Solutions

Rosacea and Acne: Examine in More Detail at Skin of Color – Due to the changing United States demographics, physicians are faced with treating and diagnosing skin diseases in a more ethnically and a racially diverse population. In fact, it has been projected by the United States Census Bureau that within a few decades, the…

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Stop Razor Bumps Video

Stop Razor Bumps Video Dermatology recommended products to reduce problematic razor bumps and ingrown hairs, and as a added plus – reduces acne formation and promotes reduction of shaving. With the use of our Global Skin Solutions “Bumps Be Gone”, “Slo-Grow” and “Bumps and Blemish Bar”. Also see our shaving kit, complete with all products…

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Certification in Darker Skin Tones

Certification In Darker Skin Tones This video content was created by Hope Goerner, a client who attended a class held in Dallas, Texas on “Certification in Hyperpigmentation & Layering Chemical Peels on darker skin tones”. Don’t Be Afraid Of The Dark. We couldn’t be happier to include her video at our website ! It makes…

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TraMi Skincare – Testimonial

Knowledge is Power. TraMi, Aesthetician – Testimonial The power to increase your revenue, let our training help you grow your business. Take part in our available Global Skin Solutions continuing education courses, one on one trainings, and online eucation for aestheticians, medical personnel and cosmetologists.

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Welcome To Global Skin Solutions

Welcome To Global Skin Solutions   Let us introduce Global Skin Solutions to you ! This short video presentation will tell you a bit about the creator and CEO Ms. Pamela Springer, her philosophy, the product line, who it brings results to ( every skin tone ), and what you can expect it to treat…

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