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Announcing e-Book Series on Hyperpigmentation

The series of e-books written by Pamela Springer provide skin care professionals with concise, useful information on hyperpigmentation.  The intent of the series is to have clinicians knowledgeable on diverse aesthetics so they no longer are “afraid of the dark!” Overview “Hyperpigmentation” is an umbrella term used to categorize several conditions and the skin darkening…

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Experts and Authorities – Pamela Springer

  Join Pamela Springer, owner and educator of Global Skin Solutions in a brief interview discussing the her product line and education all professionals should be aware of when correcting and treating multi-ethnic skin.

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Faces Of Diversity | Skin Conditions Part 2

Faces Of Diversity - Skin Conditions 102

In Part 2 of this video presentation Skin Conditions 102, we will continue on to go over what defines a skin condition as well as common skin conditions that are presented in multi-ethnic skin tones. It needs to be said that certain skin conditions should be referred to a dermatologist, we will touch on those…

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Summer Travel Outbreaks

Summer Travel Blemishes Global Skin Solutions

How to Minimize Summer Breakouts When Traveling It’s Summer ! Planning to take a vacation? Can’t wait to have fun in the sun? Are you choosing to fly to your vacation destination? Why? I asked because if you’re prone to acne breakouts, flying can wreck havoc to your skin. When flying you’re in a pressurized…

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Global Skin Facts

Global Skin Facts | Global Skin Solutions

Exploring Diversity in Skincare & Beyond ♦ The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery estimates that the growth in Multi-Ethnic skins has increased 121% since 1997 and is expected to continue to be a strong trend. Twenty-two percent of the ethnic population had non-surgical procedures. ♦ Today there are 9 million individuals who consider themselves…

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Definition of a Skin Condition

Definition of a Skin Condition Global Skin Solutions

What is the definition of a skin condition ? A skin condition is defined as an impairment of health or a condition of abnormal functioning of the skin. Common Skin Conditions in Multi-Ethnic Skins African Americans are prone to the following: “Ashy” dry skin (Impaired Acid Mantle) Uneven skin Tones Discolorations or dark spots Hyperkeratosis…

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Skin Condition Definitions II | Photoaging

Ethnic PhotoAging Global Skin Solutions

PHOTOAGING: Asian Skin(Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Malaysians, Singapreans, Thais) Fitzpatrick Skin Type 4 Primary Cause: UV induced Secondary Cause: Actinic lentigines Flat pigmented, seborrheic keratoses and mottled hyperpigmentation Seborrheic keratoses Study conducted of 303 Korean brown-skinned malesOverall prevalence 88.1% Sun exposed areas Face and dorsae of the hands Common Treatment Options: Skin Lightening Agents Topical hydroquinone…

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Skin Condition Definitions III | Acne

Hispanic, Ethnic Acne Global Skin Solutions

ACNE VULGARIS Hispanic – the most common skin disorder in Latino and the second most common in the Asian population. Primary Cause: Hormonal, genetics, increased sebum production due to sebaceous size in skin of color, lack of moisture content Secondary Cause: Papules, pustules, nodules and cysts (nodules and cysts heal with Enzyand closes) Papules the…

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