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Experts and Authorities – Pamela Springer

  Join Pamela Springer, owner and educator of Global Skin Solutions in a brief interview discussing the her product line and education all professionals should be aware of when correcting and treating multi-ethnic skin.

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Faces Of Diversity | Skin Conditions Part 2

Faces Of Diversity - Skin Conditions 102

In Part 2 of this video presentation Skin Conditions 102, we will continue on to go over what defines a skin condition as well as common skin conditions that are presented in multi-ethnic skin tones. It needs to be said that certain skin conditions should be referred to a dermatologist, we will touch on those…

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Summer Travel Outbreaks

Summer Travel Blemishes Global Skin Solutions

How to Minimize Summer Breakouts When Traveling It’s Summer ! Planning to take a vacation? Can’t wait to have fun in the sun? Are you choosing to fly to your vacation destination? Why? I asked because if you’re prone to acne breakouts, flying can wreck havoc to your skin. When flying you’re in a pressurized…

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Global Skin Facts

Global Skin Facts | Global Skin Solutions

Exploring Diversity in Skincare & Beyond ♦ The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery estimates that the growth in Multi-Ethnic skins has increased 121% since 1997 and is expected to continue to be a strong trend. Twenty-two percent of the ethnic population had non-surgical procedures. ♦ Today there are 9 million individuals who consider themselves…

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Definition of a Skin Condition

Definition of a Skin Condition Global Skin Solutions

What is the definition of a skin condition ? A skin condition is defined as an impairment of health or a condition of abnormal functioning of the skin. Common Skin Conditions in Multi-Ethnic Skins African Americans are prone to the following: “Ashy” dry skin (Impaired Acid Mantle) Uneven skin Tones Discolorations or dark spots Hyperkeratosis…

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Skin Condition Definitions II | Photoaging

Ethnic PhotoAging Global Skin Solutions

PHOTOAGING: Asian Skin(Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Malaysians, Singapreans, Thais) Fitzpatrick Skin Type 4 Primary Cause: UV induced Secondary Cause: Actinic lentigines Flat pigmented, seborrheic keratoses and mottled hyperpigmentation Seborrheic keratoses Study conducted of 303 Korean brown-skinned malesOverall prevalence 88.1% Sun exposed areas Face and dorsae of the hands Common Treatment Options: Skin Lightening Agents Topical hydroquinone…

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Skin Condition Definitions III | Acne

Hispanic, Ethnic Acne Global Skin Solutions

ACNE VULGARIS Hispanic – the most common skin disorder in Latino and the second most common in the Asian population. Primary Cause: Hormonal, genetics, increased sebum production due to sebaceous size in skin of color, lack of moisture content Secondary Cause: Papules, pustules, nodules and cysts (nodules and cysts heal with Enzyand closes) Papules the…

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Skin Condition Definition IV | PIH

POST INFLAMMATORY HYPERPIGMENTATION Darker Skins Hyperpigmentation has multiple causes and may be focal or diffuse. Most cases are due to an increase in melanin production and deposition. Focal hyperpigmentation: Post inflammatory generally caused after an injury, burns, inflammation (e.g. Acne). Can also result from lentigines, melasma or café-au-lait (birth mark) macule. Manifestation of hyperpigmented lesions…

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