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FAQ’s / Frequently Asked Questions and Global Skin Solutions Policies

We have provided some of our most frequently asked questions, along with Global Skin Solutions policies for your review.

Should a question about Global Skin Solutions, and its products that is not listed here, please feel free to contact us.

Why training is required prior to purchasing the Jessner Peel

We require training/certification in the use of our Jessner Chemical Exfoliant in order to ensure it is performed safely on darker skin tones – while at the same time, providing to you knowledge of the differences seen in pigmented.

You may request training at anytime in our education area.

Local order pickup

Local order pickup is not available at this time.

What Global Skin Solutions minimum order amount is

There is no minimum order amount required except in the instance of “businesses”.
Businesses are defined as facilities that employ/or are not solo providers.
The minimum order amount to order online for businesses is $250

Product Sample Information

We do not provide free samples of Global Skin Solution Skincare products at this time.
You may of course order our kit containing trial sizes of our professional line, once registered.

Substituting Products in Systems and/or Kits

There are no substitutions for systems or kits, these systems and kits have been created to provide the most effective solutions to the skin issues of your client and are priced accordingly.

How to register for a class

Registering for any of our classes, whether the class be online via Facebook, or at a venue is easily done by first registering as a wholesale customer to Global Skin Solutions, and then you are free to register for any class right on the page holding class information, then following the link provided to our e-shop to purchase your ticket/space.

Attendance for classes is restricted to aesthetics, cosmetology and medical professionals.

Student Purchases / Class Registration

When a class is offered for students, they will have access provided in order to purchase a ticket to attend.

Delivery Times

Please see our shipping policies.

Refunds and Returns

Please see our refund and return policy.

Product Pricing

Global Skin Solutions reserves the right to increase or decrease product prices as deemed necessary.