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About Us

About Global Skin Solutions

Global Skin Solutions, LLC was established in 2009 by Pamela R. Springer to distribute corrective professional and retail skincare products she formulated specifically for the global market to include the multi-ethnic skins. The professional products (Global Skin Solutions) and the retail products (Global Skincare Products) are distributed to medical facilities, spas, salons and online.

Having worked with global skins for over 20 years, Ms. Springer became aware of how pigmented skins are unique in their presentation. These skin types produce residual dark spots from acne, dark patches triggered by hormones, discolorations from a skin irritation, and uneven tones from lack of sunscreen use.

Pigmented skin types encompass 80% of the world’s population
However, the vast majority of skincare products and services available are geared towards the other 20% of the population: Europeans.

The needs of European skin are quite different from the needs of a non European skin.  Europeans, as they age, produce fine lines and wrinkles.  Non-Europeans are prone to pigmented lesions that darken with age producing a dull, lackluster skin.

Market trends as reported by GCI, shines the light on..

Now the mainstream brands such as Estee Lauder and Lancome are broadening their scope to cater to ethnic consumers for future growth. It also goes on to state that ethnic products require a more complex formulation and this market is an untapped area with ample scope of growth.

With the influx of interracial relationships, today there are 9 million individuals who consider themselves to be multi-racial.  These skin types have now surpassed Hispanics and baby boomers as the fastest growing demographic group. Racially blended skins, can present with a variety of skin conditions related to their ancestral background.

Multi-ethnic skins are an untapped market...

…and are lacking professional products and services to address their skin care need that will target, i.e., residual dark spots caused by acne, dark patches caused by hormonal imbalance, razor bumps and ingrown hairs caused by improper shaving and irritation, and uneven tones resulting from the lack of sunscreen.

As mentioned previously, there are two components to these corrective product lines.
Global Skin Solutions is sold exclusively through licensed professionals in physician’s offices, medical spas, day spas, skincare centers and salons.

The home care management program, Global Skincare Products, is sold online to consumers as well as through licensed professionals. Both lines are formulated with ingredients to tackle the unique skin conditions of pigmented skin.

Global Skincare has skin-friendly ingredients to encourage :
  • Fading of pigmentation conditions with skin lightening agents known to breakdown pigment deposits.
  • Reduction of breakouts by purifying, exfoliating, and removing excess dead cells from blocked pores while controlling unwanted oil production.
  • Diminishing the appearance of unsightly razor bumps and ingrown hairs.
  • Slowing down of hair growth to reduce the skin’s irritation caused by shaving, waxing, and tweezing.
  • Promotes skin cellular turnover to reveal its natural radiance.

Global Skin Solutions and Global Skincare has undergone a 6-month trial study resulting in an endorsement by Toni C. Stockton, M.D., FAAD, board certified dermatologist.

Corrective Products for Global Skin Tones 3 to 6

The vast majority of skin care products on the market promote reversing the signs of aging by diminishing wrinkles, fine lines and sunspots.

There has not been a complete line of products that focuses only on the common skin conditions of Global Skin Tones 3 to 6.

These skin tones are acutely reactive to a variety of factors leading to dark spots, discoloration, uneven skin tones, razor bumps, ashy skin as well as a rough, dry texture. Global Skin Solutions products are formulated specifically to address these common skin conditions.

Our products have been dermatology approved to –

  • Maximize the reduction of dark spots, discolorations and uneven tones with skin lighteners known to breakdown residual pigment deposits on the skin.
  • Effectively reduces breakouts by purifying, exfoliating and removing excess oil from the skin while fading away unwanted dark spots.
  • Diminish the appearance of unsightly razor bumps and ingrown hairs.
  • Help rebound the skin from irritation caused by shaving, waxing and tweezing with ingredients that retards hair growth of the affected area.
  • Embrace the different skin tones and reveal its natural radiance. We believe “Every skin deserves to be flawless.”

Among all of these corrective measurements for ethnic skins, Global Skin Solutions products are also perfected for use in European skin types.  These skin types are also faced with conditions such as  acne, rosacea, hyperpigmentation (melasma, solar (sun) damage), and alipic (dry) skin.

  • Education Credentials

    Global Skin Solutions is recognized as a continuing education provider for :

    ♦ CA Board of Registered Nursing: CE License #16306

    ♦ GA Board of Cosmetology Practitioners and Instructors

    ♦ FL Board of Cosmetology Practitioners and Instructors

    ♦ NC Board of Cosmetology Practitioners and Instructors

  • Dermatologist Endorsed

    Global SKin SOlutions Dermatologist Endorsed