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Global Skin Solutions – Skincare Professional Registration

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We ask that you allow up to 24 hours ( Monday – Friday) to receive your account activation. If you do not receive an account activation, please attempt to login using your email and chosen password.
Please allow this contact form to render your license upload, if your upload fails, the form will tell you of this, should your license file be over 1mb in size, you can convert it free of charge (once) to a pdf and upload the converted document….if your license upload is sucessful you will be directed to the success page.
Should you encounter any difficulties, please contact our help desk for assistance.

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  • Wholesaler Information

    Licensed Professional Requirements:
    Create An Account
    • Take photo of the entire business or state board issued license.
    • Upload your license here on the registration page.
    • You will be contacted, upgraded to Wholesaler, and given access to the professional area within two (2) business days
    Professional Businesses
    • If you own and operate a business with employees, you are required to reveal this information.
    • Business operations are have a $250 minimum order amount requirement to purchase online.
    • As you add items to the cart, the sidebar cart area will inform you of the amount you have left to reach to meet the $250 minimum amount.
    • Until you reach the minimum amount required, the cart will show pricing at "retail" price, once you have met the minimum, the prices will change in the cart to wholesale pricing.
    Sales Taxes
    • Out of state businesses will not be charged sale taxes.
    • Arizona businesses will not be charged sales taxes if a Transaction Privilege Tax (TPT) license is on file. Please take a photo of this license and email it to:
    • Arizona business without the Transaction Privilege Tax license will be charged sales.
    How To Avoid Sales Tax
    • Fill out TPT application.
    • Send to: License & Registration Section, Department of Revenue, PO BOX 29032, Phoenix AZ 85038-9032
    • Once received, take photo of entire license and email license to
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