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Multi-Ethnic Skincare Testimonials

Multi-Ethnic Skincare Reviews | Global Skin Solutions

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Ingrown Hair /  Razor Bump Relief Testimonial
Ingrown Hair Relief | Client Testimonial
I am a middle-age man of African-American descent. I began to grow noticeable facial hair at the age of 18 or 19. It was growing sparingly and wildly as a result, I chose to shave. Bad move! I developed a sever case of Pseudofolliculitis Barbae, commonly known as “ingrown hair”. After shaving, the course hair would grow inward instead of outward. The result was a face and neck filled with unattractive pustules, papules, pain, discomfort and all the signs of the disorder raging out of control ! I was forced to deal with this condition for years. The only way that I found some relief was to have my girlfriend sterilize a needle, prick the ingrown hair from the follicle and remove the hair with tweezers, one-by-one. After that she would splash alcohol to kill the bacteria and minimize the spread of infection. Ouch! Since most of these follicles were infected, it was like performing facial surgery, 2-3 times per week! My condition got so bad, that I finally decided to grow a beard! That worked for a while. However, even with a beard, there were some hairs growing beneath the skin, creating unseen sores, pain and infection. I decided to take action, I tried everything, from bad smelling creams to electric shavers. Over time, I purchased 7-10 different shavers! The creams were bad for my skin and the electric shavers delivered poor results. Then, I was introduced to the Global Skin Solutions Shaving Kit, developed by Pamela Springer. I saw positive results after the first application!! I followed the instructions as detailed by Ms. Springer’s kit. The results were unbelievable!! So good, that I decided to take the conventional route and started using a razor, something that I feared for years!! Today, through the use of the Global Skin Solutions Patented Shaving Kit, I comfortably shave whenever I like, everyday, if needed! I even shave my head! My wife (the girlfriend who used to perform the facial surgery) loves my skin! I am complimented for smooth, clean, even-toned skin. My confidence level is high, when it comes to my skin because I know that it’s clean, bump free and infection free. Thank you, Pamela and Global Skin Solutions. You have helped me preserve “my sexy”!!
Lonnie Leslie
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