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If you’ve noticed, the world is becoming a more colorful place.  The global market has grown 231% since 1990 and has a buying power of $1.5 trillion dollars globally.  

Our success with the global market began in 2000, when CEO, Pamela Springer, founded The Skin & Makeup Institute of Arizona in 2000.  As a woman of color who has a mixed ancestry from three other lineages, she was quite aware of the beauty industry’s lack of products created for people of color.  The Institute became the only educational resource in Arizona to include the study of the global population.  The training was rigorous, and services were performed on ALL skin types and skin conditions. 

Global Skin Solutions was conceived due to the lack of products addressing the global community.  Black and brown population was not concerned with anti-aging as advertised on television, billboards and in magazines.  For the black and brown consumer, the aging process is not fine lines and wrinkles.  Their major concerns were dark spots, dark patches, discolorations, uneven tones, and lackluster skin.

To achieve the optimal solution to bringing back the natural radiance of a black or brown skin, Pamela reached out to labs across the country and began working with chemists to create products for this “niche” market.  

Springer believes for your skin to receive optimal results; you need to secure the services of a skin therapist specializing in diverse skin tones and a customized home care management regimen.  This creates a symbiotic or interdependent relationship leading healthy radiant skin.  

The Global PRO products can only be sold to licensed practitioners. 

The Global retail line, Global Skincare Products, is formulated in an FDA certified lab. The bio-active ingredients are clinically validated cosmeceuticals.  The pH is adjusted for the chemical peel products.  Adjusting the pH of peeling agents for black and brown skin, lowers risk factors known to cause post inflammatory hyperpigmentation. 

Today, Ms. Springer continues to conduct trainings for the global market.  She believes, you must understand the biological differences; the inherent risk factors; and, how genetics play a significant role in each skin type and the common skin conditions before providing treatments on black and brown skins.  

Pamela has authored the recently, released DON’T BE LEFT IN THE DARK – Learn How to Master Chemical Peels & More…for a world of diverse skin tones.  This book is a valuable resource containing the latest in ethnic skincare.  It is based on science yet presented in a manner that is easy to understand.

Global Skin Solutions is a provider of professional continuing education for the California Board of Registered Nursing.  The certification provided is recognized in most states.

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