EpiDerm Diamond File

Exfoliation is a method of resurfacing the skin.  Resurfacing the skin is removing the cornified cells that are found on the protective barrier layer of the skin.   The stratum corneum of higher Fitzpatricks contains more keratinized dead cell layers.  These additional layers are due to a greater intercellular cohesion with a higher lipid content especially in darker pigmented skin.

Benefits of EpiDerm Diamond File Exfoliation:

  • Helps to lighten dark spots, discoloration and dark patches
  • Helps release the hair that has re-entered the follicular wall
  • Helps to resurface the skin by removing cornified skin cells.
  • Helps remove keratinized dead cell layers allowing skin becomes smoother and more radiant.
  • EpiDerm Diamond File is safe, and is an alternative to chemical peels
  • Helps to lowersrisk factors prevalent in melanin-rich skin when using a chemical peel

Cautions:  Chemical peels and the use of Retin A should be discontinued 2 weeks prior to using of the EpiiDerm Diamond File.  We recommend using with an enzyme treatment to assist in removing additional layers of dead cell buildup on the face, neck and décolleté.



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