PRO Fundamental Chemical Peel Treatment in a Box

Chemical Exfoliators and Compatible Products for Optimum Results

All skin types and conditions


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Chemical peel agents and other products including a skin lightener and our Global Brightening (Mandelic) are our all-in-one treatment box.  This treatment box provides optimal modalities for dry and oily skins, acne grades II and III, and post-acne dark spots.

By using these customized products for the skin types or skin conditions above, each active ingredient will be driven deeper into the epidermal layers for the skin’s optimal results.  Light to heavy desquamation may occur. The desquamation process can take up to 7 days with light flaking usually subsiding in 10 days.

Prior to performing any chemical peel service, the skin must be pre-conditioned with the Pre Exfoliating Kit.

The box includes:

  • Mandelic Exfoliating Cleanser
  • Pre-Exfoliating Pads
  • Wild Agave Enzyme Peel
  • Fruit Acid 15% w/Kojic
  • Salicylic Acid 30%
  • Global Brightening Peel
  • Ultra Lightening Serum
  • Sun Protector 29
  • (3) Pre Exfoliating Kits
  • (3) Post Exfoliating Kit


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