Dry Skin

5 Makeup Ingredients to Avoid for Dry Skin

Understanding the skin care product’s ingredients is very important. It helps you to choose effective products for your client. Remember that every client has different …

Skin Conditions

What is Exogenous Ochronosis?

Exogenous ochronosis is a very controversial skin disorder due to the over-use of the skin lightening agent hydroquinone.  Exogenous ochronosis is generally seen in Blacks, …

Skin Conditions

Melasma in Skin of Color

Melasma is a condition that resulted from an increased accumulation of melanin. While it is an acquired condition, it is also one of the most …

Skincare Facts

Hispanic/Latino Facts

Hispanic/Latino Facts and Skin People of Hispanic or Latino heritage have lived in the Unites States since 1565.Almost 17% of the U.S. population is of …

Skincare Facts

Asian Facts

Asians Facts and Skin The Asians are the most affluent ethnic group. Their median yearly income is over $91,000. The top five states with the …

Skincare Facts

African American Facts

African-Americans (AA) Facts and Skin: The term “black” or African American” describes individuals who have skin tones ranging from very fair to a deep brown …

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