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Asians Facts and Skin

The Asians are the most affluent ethnic group. Their median yearly income is over $91,000. The top five states with the highest Asian buying power are Nevada, Arizona, North Dakota, North Carolina, and Georgia. Asian residents living in California out number the Hispanic population. Their sub-ethnic groups are: Chinese, Filipino, Vietnamese, Korean, Japanese and South Asians (Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh and Sri Lank. Asian sub-ethnic community concentrations are as follows: New York – Asian Indian, Chinese, Filipino, Japanese, Vietnamese; Honolulu – Japanese; San Jose – Asian Indian, Taiwanese, Chinese; and Oakland – Chinese. The state of Georgia, reportedly has the fastest growing Korean community in the U.S.

The Asian’s overall pursuit is eternal beauty. A fair share of their income is spent on color cosmetics and skin care products. Most important to this culture is spending their monies with companies that share their same values.

According to Skin Site, because Asian countries are generally warm in climate, Asian skin naturally produces more oil. This, in turn, leaves individuals of Asian descent more vulnerable to acne outbreaks than Caucasians. In most cases, Asian acne outbreaks will be in the form of keloids, or hardened bumps and reddening. Unfortunately, these types of acne growths are more likely to lead to permanent scarring if they aren’t treated quickly and thoroughly.

As most men and women age, wrinkling is the primary visual side effect that presents on the skin. Because Asians have much higher natural hydration levels than Caucasians or Africans, rather than wrinkling, the primary age-related skin condition they face is dark spots. Spots of hyper-pigmentations, freckles and general unevenness of skin tone can be quite prominent against the usually warm, smooth Asian skin, making these skin abnormalities stand out more than they would in individuals of other racial backgrounds.

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